How to Win Playing the Double Bubble Slot

There are plenty of slot games you can choose to play online. However, it’s always best to opt playing on one which has both a high jackpot and a high payout percentage.

Those are two things that you will always find on offer if you decide to play the 20 payline Double Bubble slort. However this slot game does boast a very unique base game feature known as the Bubble Line. This feature helps you increase your chances on winning big. More on this below. Make sure you play this slot with all 20 paylines activated. By doing so you have the chance of winning a bonus payout that is worth 22 times the stake level you have in play on the base game. Keep on reading for details of how the Bubble Line feature plays and pays!

Payouts and Jackpots

You will have the chance to win the mega sized jackpot on the base game of the Double bubble slot. If you do, you’ll walk off with the 20,000 coins that jackpot has on offer. You need five of the Double Bubble Wild symbols spinning in on any of your activated payline.

To view the pay table of this slot simply click o the pay table button. The full range of cash payouts will then be revealed. Be aware that the Double Bubble Wild symbol will also stand in for all of the other reel symbols on this slot, but not the bonus symbols. These are only used to trigger the bonus game reviewed below.

Features on the Double Bubble Slot

There are two bonus features that can be awarded to you when you are playing the Double Bubble slot game. Below is an overview on how those bonus games work and pay. So read on as you are sure to find them interesting!

The Bubble Line Bonus

Each time you spin in a reel symbol with a bubble attached to it, that symbol will drop down onto the Bubble Line. If you form a winning combination of symbols, you will receive a payout. This payout is boosted by a multiplier to the value of your activated pay lines.

However, play all 20 paylines and the multiplier becomes worth 22 times the value of that winning payout as listed on the pay table!

Bubble Pop Bonus

The Bubble Pop feature is triggered and awarded to players of this slot once they have managed to successfully spin in one reels one, three and five a Bubble scatter symbol. Once those symbols have all spun in together, you have to select one of the bubbles. This will then reveal your cash prize.

Tips for Playing the Double Bubble Slot

There are plenty of slot playing tips we can pass onto you, but there is one very simple tip. For the highest winning chances, always have 20 paylines in live play.

Not only will putting into play maximum line spins give you the maximum of winning opportunities, there also is a special bonus feature attached to the base game. This game can award you with a bonus payout which boosts the bonus win by 22 times. However, you only get this if you’re playing all 20 paylines on this slot, so make sure you do!

Double Bubble Pay Table

Use the paytable to use to see how many coins you can win. When you clik on the pay table button, you’ll find all the information you need. You can win a staggering amount of 20,000 coins.

Those jackpot symbols for reference are the Double Bubble Wild symbols which also stand in for any of the other standard reel symbols with the exception of the bonus scatter symbols. Below we are going to enlighten you on what those additional bonus symbols can and will award you with when you spin them in a certain way so read on to find out how that bonus game will trigger!

What Bonus Features are on the Double Bubble Slot?

As with the vast majority of slot games, if you choose to play the Double Bubble slot then you will have the chance of triggering bonus games, there are two unique bonus games and features that can be awarded to you when playing this slot and below are the details of those games.

The Bubble Line Feature

One of the most unique features of this slot game is that some of the reel symbols have a special bubble animated attached to them. Below the reels you will find the Bubble Line and those symbols with the bubble attached to them drop down onto the Bubble Line in the order the spin in.

Complete a winning combination on the Bubble Line will see that payout boosted by the number of pay lines you have activated, play all 20 lines and the multiplier is x22!

Bubble Pop Feature

The three odd numbered reels have scatter symbols on them, and those symbols are the bubble bonus symbols. When three of them all spin into view from any one single base game spin a bonus game screen is then loaded up on the slot and three bubbles appear on that screen, you are tasked with clicking on one of them to reveal the prize you will then be awarded with.

Best Way to Play the Double Bubble Slot

The payout percentage on the Double Bubble slot game is set very high. However the one way that you are going to benefit from that high payout percentage is to play all 20 paylines.

Playing anything less than 20 paylines will reduce your chances of spinning in lots of base game winning combinations. However by doing so, the value of the Bubble Line bonus payout is reduce by x1 for each payline less you play. Plus a bonus payout can be achieved on the Bubble Line feature.

Payouts on the Double Bubble Slot

This slot game is a highly playable one and when you click onto the pay table button you will find a full overview of every winning combination. There is also a bonus game which can be triggered and the details of that bonus game are found in the next section of this review.

To walk off with and bag the 20,000 coin base game jackpot payout, all that you need to do is to get five Double Bubble Wild symbols. Added bonus those symbols are wild, so will also stand in for any other reel symbol but not the bonus scatter symbols.

Unique Bonus Games and Bonus Features

There are some huge cash prizes that are waiting to be won on the Double Bubble slot. Not only can you win big via the base game, but some large payouts can also be won via the two unique bonus games. You’ll find a description about these games below.

Bubble Line Bonus Payout

The Bubble Line feature is original to the Double Bubble slot. If you look at the bottom of the slot game screen you will see a Bubble Line. That line will fill up with any reel symbols that spin in on the reels which have a bubble attached to them.

By forming a winning combination on the Bubble Line, the number of paylines you play will determine just how much that payout will increase. Playing all 20 paylines means that the multiplier will increase to x22!

Bonus Bubble Pop Game

The Bubble Pop feature is the second bonus game that you can get. Three of the bonus bubble symbols spinning on reels 1, 3 and 5 trigger the feature. It’s a simple game. Click on one of the three bubbles on screen to reveal the cash payout you will then be awarded with.

Hints and Tips for playing the Double Bubble Slot

As there are some unusual bonus games plus on the Double Bubble slot, there are a few tips that we’ll share with you. Hopefully it helps to increase your chances of winning big.

However, do keep in mind many casinos will offer you all kinds of different slot related bonuses. The best type of bonus are deposit match bonuses.

The best and most valuable tip still is to play 20 paylines per spin on whatever coin value you can afford. Not only will that give you 20 chances of winning its huge jackpot. It will also ensure you get the maximum x22 bonus payout.

High Paying Slot

You are always going to have plenty of winning opportunities when playing the Double Bubble slot. That’s because there is a very generous pay table and a high RTP attached to it.  The jackpot on offer from any one single base game spin is a whopping 20,000 coins.

To win the base game jackpot, you have to get all five of the Double Bubble Wild on each reel. Those symbols that are wild will stand in for any other non bonus symbol. So look out for them because they can help form multiple winning combinations.

How to Trigger the Bonus Games

Let us now move onto how you can trigger some bonus payouts on this slot. Below are the two additional bonus features that could be coming your way.

The Bubble Line

You will have plenty of winning chances when you play this slot. But there is an additional way to receive some large payouts. Which is through the Bubble Line. Any reel symbols that spin in on any of the five reels that have a bubble alongside it will drop down onto the Bubble Line.

Your win is boosted if you form a winning line of symbols on the Bubble Line. The value by the number of paylines you played off on the base game and an increased payout of x22.

Trigger the Bubble Pop Round

Probably the most exciting bonus game on this slot game is the Bubble Pop feature round. If you get three of the bubble bonus symbols on payline one, three and five and you then trigger that bonus game. You are faced with having to pick off one of three bubbles on the screen to discover your cash payout!